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Journeying Through Our Journal

  • The 31-Day Process

    Our 31 Days Back to Feeling journal is carefully crafted to guide you through a transformative 31-day experience. Each day, you will encounter a deep-feeling piece of photography, a guiding prompt, and journaling space to reflect and expand on your emotion.

    Each day will encourage greater self-discovery, self-acceptance, and emotional awareness. Through this journey, you'll gain a deeper connection with yourself, your emotions, and the world around you.

  • What To Expect?

    By embarking on our 31-day journaling adventure, you'll uncover a collection of emotions within you that you may not have explored fully. You'll learn that being in connection with your emotions is the gateway to a more authentic and fulfilling life.

This image makes me feel...

"Like I am exposed."

"Like I want to explore new adventures."

"Like I can't handle the chaos."

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“We believe that it is bad or dangerous to be carried away by our emotions. We admire the person who is cool, who acts without feeling. The modern individual is committed to being successful, not to being a person. Being a person is not something one can do. It is not a performance. It may require that we stop our frantic business, that we take time out to breathe and to feel. In the process we may feel our pain, but if we have the courage to accept it, we will also have pleasure. If we can face our inner emptiness, we will find fulfillment. If we can go through our despair, we will discover joy. ”

Alexander Lowen, 'Fear of Life.'



  • So smooth

    “I really love how smooth the paper is. It is unlike other journal paper I have written on. It feels like quality.” – Mehdi M.

  • Genius

    "The journal is great. The way it adapts is so clever. I can't live without it now.” – Anjoli P.

  • Elegant

    “Premium quality. I appreciate the handcrafted care that went into creating this.” – Andrea C.