Fear of Feeling

Fear of Feeling

When you are afraid of a feeling, it's important to recognize that somewhere inside of you, the feeling already resides. After all, how could you feel yourself being afraid of it if you were not already internally referencing it? 


Therefore, if the feeling is already present within you, it means that, at some level, you've already accepted, allowed, and approved of it through your embodiment. And now, you are merely resisting it. In essence, it is then not the case that you are afraid of it; but rather, that you are resisting it due to the meaning you've attached to it. 


If you encounter a page in our journal where a particular feeling scares you, instead of trying to immediately embrace it completely, take a moment to reflect on the significance you've attributed to this feeling and why you're resisting it. This introspection will enable you to explore and uncover deeper truths within yourself, ultimately leading to a stronger sense of self-assurance. Perhaps, with time, you'll feel comfortable enough to gradually allow that feeling to purify and to embrace it completely.


We hope this perspective proves helpful! 


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