Where is your focus?

Where is your focus?

In the pursuit of connecting with your emotions, it is important to be mindful of where you are directing your focus. Is your focus ON your emotion; and thus, falling into a 'evaluator' perspective directed AT the emotion? Or is your focus surrender, and thus, integrating with the perspective that comes from your emotion? 


For instance, when we set ourselves out to achieve something, it is natural to think, what can I do to attain this? And thus, we put our focus directly on ourself. However, when our attention is so intensely directed at ourself, it is easy to fall into the trap of self-blame, judgement, criticism, or evaluation– creating a hostile environment in which our emotions may struggle to surface or communicate with us.


Instead, when you are allowing the flow of your emotions, it is good practice to turn this focus around– away from yourself and toward the world– to witness how you feel about it. This creates an open-state of observation, allowing, and receiving. Instead of the harsh, closed, restrictive state of judgement that intense self-focus can yield


This is what our 31 Days Back to Feeling Journal offers. It offers you an opportunity to simply observe, take in, and appreciate the array of feelings that are displayed before you within the photography– giving you the chance to absorb the beauty of the vast spectrum of human experiences.  


We hope this short read helps you in your journey to becoming more connected to a truly vibrant life. 


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P.S: If you have already acquired one of our journals, use the photography given to guide yourself to this open state of observation and receptivity. Feel your emotions arise and they become triggered by the photography. Then, compare this state to the effort of trying to connect to your feelings using self-intended focus or pressure. Notice the difference? This is precisely why we've included photography in our journal to guide you back to feeling. Enjoy the journey.

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