Why is it so hard to allow deep-seated feelings?

Why is it so hard to allow deep-seated feelings?

It is both easy and difficult to open up to the deep ways in which we feel. It is easy in the sense that all it takes is to stop, relax, meditate for a few moments, and allow the feelings to rise up and tell you about themselves– to allow your emotions to confide in you your most vulnerable truths about the circumstances, people, or absences of your life.

It is difficult, however, because there is nothing to do with these feelings. They are what they are. They have already been accepted and given to you by yourself. This is to say that they are not dictated or controlled, they are only receivedWe can try to change or control our deep-seated feelings, after the fact, by using certain thoughts or motives. But the truth is, our raw, organic, untouched feelings are our personal and unique responses to life that happen innately and spontaneously. They are not something to be molded or guided into what we want them to be. Rather, they are meant to guide us and show us what is truly meaningful to our unique being– which is also difficult when you don't know the end of their story. So herein marks reasons one and two on why it is difficult to connect and allow the flow of deep-seated feelings: 


1. They are not dictated; they make you surrender and release control.  

2. We don't know the end of their story; they are continuous and infinite in nature.


Reasons 3-5? Well, we think these are pretty self-explanatory, and therefore don't need elaboration. They are: 


3. They make you vulnerable; they seem to happen to you, rather than from you, when you open yourself up to them. 

4. We live in an emotionally unaware and unsafe world.

5. We live in a very distracting and busy world. 


Reason #5 is why we need to set time aside to honor and allow the flow of our precious and vital sense of feeling. Our journal, 31 Days Back to Feeling, provides you with the perfect opportunity and space to do just that. 


Following the guidance of your unique feelings will lead you to a life tailored to your unique happiness. So, journey through our journals! And share with the world your unique feelings. 


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